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Teachers Share Hilarious Homework Experiences

Let's face it, lots of kids don't like homework, and teachers never liked checking them. However, while most homeworks sure are draining the life of teachers checking them, there are still some that enliven the rather monotonous task, not because of their perfect score or excellent answers but because of their unbelievable sense of humor. 

We have listed down some of these hilarious homework answers that may not be entirely correct but are pure genius nonetheless. 

The Gas Problem

Source: LittleBabyDuck/Reddit

When asked to give examples of the three states of matter, this kid had drawn perfect answers of the solid and liquid parts. But when it came to the gas, the first example that came to her mind was her dad’s fart! Well, we couldn’t think anything could top that either! 

Isn’t This Obvious?

Source: lularachel919/Instagram

It was obvious that little Leona listens to her teacher pretty well. But it seems to us that she’s way too smart for her age, don’t you think? Just look at how she corrected Question #3! Genius! 

The Regular Alphabet is Pretty Boring

Source: Im_that_stupid/Reddit

This kid is just starting to learn the alphabet, but he already knows the hacks of life. Well, the letter H written in a straight column does look like a ladder in a sense.  

The Difference

Source: kyrowolf11/Instagram

This answer is obviously from someone who didn’t read their notes. But they do have a point right there, not just the same point the teacher expects them to have.  

The Animal Advocate Kid

Source: Rcrowley32/Imgur

The way this kid corrected his homework is the kind of compassion we need today. You go, kiddo! Fight for animal rights!

School’s Not Cool

Source: @emosnack/Twitter

Same, kid, same. Who liked school anyway? 

Math Vs. Kid

Source: IranianGenius/Reddit

This kid has just outsmarted math in the best possible way. Well, technically, the problem didn’t mention any bracelets, so the kid only answered the question straight to the point. In your face, Math!

The Bottom Line

Homework is definitely not anybody’s definition of a good time, both for students and teachers as well. But no matter how much everybody hates these take-home assignments, we just have to accept that it is an inevitable part of growing up, and admit it or not, we did learn a thing or two from these assignments no matter how dreaded they may be.

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