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10 Tips To Improve Your Study Habits

Study habits are a way of life. You form it through repetitive behavior and it occurs without forcing it. Here are ten effective study tips that students like you can consider. 

10 Tips To Improve Your Study Habits

1. Plan your day. 

Be organized. As a student, you have to jog your schedule. You have homework, reviews to make, papers to read, family to spend time with, and friends to be with. Always plan mentally or write it down. Make a schedule with room for changes. Do not cram your schedule and get stressed when something fell out of line. 

2. Find your spot. 

Your spot is the place where you feel most at ease. This spot is comfortable enough  but not too comfortable that you can fall asleep. It should be free of distractions like TV. Some students go to libraries, some study in their classroom, and some just prefer their cozy bedroom. Whatever works for you, then that is your study spot. 

3. Restrain yourself from the internet

Without knowing, you can spend a good 30 minutes browsing browsing Youtube or surfing the net. Once you fall into that rabbit hole of interesting videos, 30 minutes can turn to an hour or even more. Define your social media time. If you have to do internet research to check some information, just use Google. Do not get tempted to check the latest news or videos.

4. Keep your gadgets silent. 

Your phone is your biggest distraction. On your regular review hours, you can leave it on silent. 

5. Check your lecture notes. 

Your notes might look like a hurried mess, but that's okay. After all, you are writing while listening. Make it a habit to organize your lectures. Rewriting your lecture is a good way to review the lesson.

6. Join study groups. 

This works if you like hearing what others have learned. Some students find study groups as a source of knowledge and information that they might have missed during lectures, as well as a place to clarify concepts from different perspectives.

7. Read actively.

Avoid skimming your textbooks. Each page contains important information. Creating a bulleted outline for each chapter also helps. 

8. Take a review test. 

Why do we have licensure reviews? Because instructors understand the importance of taking a review test. Regardless if you are in high school or college, make it a habit to answer review tests. 

9. Make use of music and plants. 

Music and plants can help you stay calm. It relaxes your senses. Find your music genre and listen to it when taking a break. Surround yourself with pretty plants to give your eyes a break from time to time. 

10. Take a break. 

Improve your study habits by taking a break. Reading from morning to night time is not healthy. You have to give yourself a treat. Watch an episode of your favorite series as a reward. Or ask your mom to cook your favorite meal. 

What Can You Expect With these Tips?

There is no bulletproof study tip that can improve your academic performance. However, you can use these effective study tips to find the best habit that fits your personality and study needs.

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