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Should You Allow Your Kid to Sleepover

As parents, it can be daunting to decide if you will allow your kids to  sleep over a friend or relative’s house, especially during school nights. Typically, most are worried about what their kids can be getting up to while away with their friends during a sleepover. However, there can be plenty of great reasons why the activity is vital for school-aged children and not only fun.

How can sleepover activities be important for childhood development?

1.   Getting out of comfort zones – Sleepovers are an excellent way for children and parents to spend a little time away from each other to pursue personal activities in a controlled and safe environment. Children learn how to fend for themselves when you place your trust in them, making them feel more grown up and independent.


2.   Learn social boundaries – Children learn how to behave inside your own house during their entire growing up years, but learning how to behave when in other people’s houses is an entirely different experience.  Every home is unique and different, so adjustments are necessary every time. Letting your children experience different situations for themselves allow them to respond accordingly and apply the best practices you taught at your own home.


3.   Build trust – Trust is a fundamental factor in a family and social relationships. Studies reveal that children who get trusted often make better decisions later in life. They feel empowered and secure, and learn how to make sound decisions in life when there are risks involved. It creates healthy relationships that make their moral foundations much stronger. A sleepover can be the perfect avenue to start trusting your child as it makes them feel independent. 


4.       A chance to make new friends – A sleepover activities provide the perfect avenue for kids to be acquainted with a mutual friend who shares the same set of preferences and interests. Existing friendships become stronger as they go through similar experiences outside of the school walls. Friends built along the years become a great support system when charting unfamiliar situations.


5.   Demonstrate responsibility – If you find yourself hesitating to let your child be by themselves just yet, you can offer to host the sleepover activity at your own house. Doing this will let you have an observation on your child and their friends’ behavior. You can use this as a comparison in case they go over their friends’ place in the future.


6. Early Independence – When you let your children stay overnight in another home, they won’t be able to rely on your help for the little things they need. This event is a big step towards their personal and childhood development and transitions them into self-reliance. They will learn to ask the host family with confidence if they require simple things like food or where the bathroom is.


Should you be open to sleepovers at all?

All in all, a sleepover is not without their own set of risks and challenges, but they provide excellent avenues for your kids to have fun while also learning important skills in life.  Sleepover activities provide kids with unique avenues where they can experience movie nights with friends or camping in the backyard and just be kids having fun.

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