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The Best School Shoes for Less

There is always something special about the first day of school. Every student looks forward to it, excited because they will have lots of new things - new bag, pens, and especially a new pair of school shoes. There is something magical about wearing a fresh pair of shoes, it gives the child confidence, whether they are scurrying along the corridors with their friends or having a break and hanging out at the playground. The perfect pair of school shoes can bring out the best experience and enjoyment in every situation. Here are our takes on the best school shoes available in the market today that are both functional and reasonably priced.


1.  Rusty Lopez Kid's Shoes (boys) Price: P 1,699.95 – Rusty Lopez is a brand that has always proven its worth among kids of multiple generations. Made out of genuine leather, this pair is sure to withstand even the harshest days the school grounds has to offer. Though it is a bit on the more expensive side it is sure to last you the whole year, and maybe another 2 to 3 more at least. Now that’s durability!


2.  Bibo Shoes 8025 School Shoes for Girls Price: P 1,129.00 – Made in Marikina, the shoe capital of the Philippines, you can be sure that this pair is of superior quality. Made from pure leather with textile inner lining and a rubber sole to match, your little girl’s comfort is assured while she wears this to class. A quality pair of shoes that reflects the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the Filipino.


3.  Easy Soft Darwin Big Kid Waterproof School Shoes (Black) Price: P 499.75 – Be it rain or shine, this pair of shoes is sure to carry your little boy to school in class! Made out of waterproof Virotech material which makes it lightweight and flexible, this pair of school shoes from Easysoft is especially handy during the rainy seasons. For its price, this pair really is a bang for the buck, not to mention it is as tough as they come so you wouldn’t have to worry about buying another pair so soon.


4.  Sweet Pink + Girl Shoe Big Boy Female Leather Shoes Velcro Versatile Flat Junior High School Students White Shoes Price: P873.00 – One of the staples of being a student is that pair of plain white rubber shoes for PE. This pair is equipped with Velcro so your kid wouldn’t have to worry about hurrying up to tie those laces or stumbling over then when running the grounds. This goes to show that you don’t have to spend that much to have stylish yet functional shoes for school.


5.      Barbie Katrina School Shoes for Kids Price: P854.76 – Barbie brings out this classic design as part of their back to school apparel. It is made out of leather with soft inner lining and rubber sole to ensure comfort when worn. This product is from the authorized distributor of Barbie shoes here in the Philippines, so you can be sure that you are not getting a knock-off. This pair is sure to make your little girl feel like a princess every single day.

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